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Men's Opportunity for "Finding, Following, Fraternizing"

This men's ministry is dedicated to helping brothers (men and boys) to develop and maintain godly character. Godly men are servants, not slavemasters. They do not dominate, but rather serve as godly examples to their friends, families and associates.

All male members of the church are eligible to become members of the Brotherhood.

Join the Brotherhood on the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm.

Brotherhood Objectives

  • To project and sustain a programme of work which will have as its ultimate objective the leading of men of the Baptist Churches in fellowship with the JBU into a realization of their obligations and role in Missions/Evangelism.

  • To provide a medium through which the men can serve efficiently and effectively in promoting the full programme of their Church and denomination.

  • To co-operate with the JBU in the proper administration of its ministries.