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  Sunday 8:00am   Sunday School, Candidates and New Members, Classes
9:00am   Morning Worship Service
2:30pm   Dance Rehearsal
4:30pm   Youth Fellowship Meeting
6:30pm   Evening Encounter
  Monday 5:30pm   1st Mondays - Women's Federation Meeting
7:00pm   1st Mondays - Brotherhood Meeting
6:30pm   2nd Mondays - Deacons / Membership Care Meeting
6:00pm   Tarrant Education Institute (T.E.I.)
6:30pm   Last Mondays - Church Council Meeting
  Tuesday 6:00pm   Cluster Meetings
6:00pm   Tarrant Education Institute (T.E.I.)
  Wednesday 10:00am   Morning Prayer Meeting
5:30pm    Bible Studies
  Thursday 6:00pm   Choir Rehearsal
6:00pm   Tarrant Education Institute (T.E.I.)
  Friday 5:30pm   Scouts Meeting
  Saturday 3:00pm   Junior Choir Rehearsal
4:00pm   Drama & Speech Rehearsal
4:00pm   Sign Language Ministry
5:30pm   Chorale Rehearsal