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Women's Opportunity to "Seek, Save, Serve"

Women have played a vital part of the ongoing ministry of the Church. Women's ministries have many points of emphases including prayer, Bible study, ministry to both young girls and senior adults, fund-raising, and social issues that affect women.

All female members of the church are eligible to become members of the Women's Federation.

Join the Federation on the first Monday of each month at 5:30pm.

Women's Federation Objectives

  • To bind all Baptist Women in the service of Christ, helping one another.

  • To strengthen the spiritual life of the females of the Church.

  • To make contact with those who are not Christians, and to lead them to Christ.

  • To give instructions to women in their homes - how to care for their children, how to live healthy lives, and to assist generally in preparing young people for Home and Family life.